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Where have all the women gone?!

It’s a short post today about being misunderstood or read wrong, specially when it comes to hot/sensitive topics on social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook; can be highly frustrating.  Even more so when it’s on the discussion of women and their part in the gaming world.  So I’m laying my thoughts out here on my little corner of the internet.  In June this year the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) released findings on research into players and “found that women make up nearly half (45 percent) of all gamers” Source:

I found this statistic shocking but also quite satisfying to read, were moving away from the old 1900’s mindset of gender-specific social interaction and instead moving towards a more equal perspective of people in general.  But despite this “equality” most games are still focusing from a male perspective towards a male audience.  Why is that?  From what I understand most if not all companies should abide by law of equality and diversity and do indeed employ both male and female staff in gaming companies all over the globe, yet typically every trailer, every front character, presenter and voice over for games is male.  Your front running MMO style games such as Warcraft and Final Fantasy are presented by males for males in the male perspective.  Lets takes Blizzard for example; at Blizzcon every year its a male dominated stage, yet in the audience it’s not only males but also females, who attend to show their loyalty and appreciation for the game.  Do Blizzard have female employee’s?  If so why don’t they give them a voice, let them be seen and heard at these grand events?  Other games such as League of Legends have attempted to bridge that gap some, their regular community video’s are presented by Nikasaur, a well-known female employee of Riot Games.  Her video’s may be short but its a fresh and appealing take on such a popular game but from an entirely different viewpoint.  One which I feel I can relate more with.

But it’s not only the more older, established games that continue in the “male mindset” it’s also new and upcoming games such as Wildstar.  This is indeed a game I’m looking forward too tremendously but from recent conversations via Twitter, I yet again see the male perspective and not an overall gender balanced viewpoint.  Where are the female employee’s, designers, creators, artists and authors behind all the fantastic works of these popular games?  It would be nice one of these days to see a video released for a game which shows the female perspective of working within the gaming industry.  To answer the question “what draw’s women into playing games” why not ask the female staff currently working for these grand companies to showcase their own work or viewpoint?  In my opinion associating women more with your marketing, planning and PRESENTING of games will help women feel more included and less alienated in what’s sometimes felt to still be a male dominated community.

This post isn’t about flaming or blaming or even saying that the male perspective is wrong, I’m simply wondering where the female representation is for the gaming community.  Personally I’d like to see more female personalities like Nikasaur, making women feel more comfortable in telling themselves “hey its ok to be a girl gamer”.  I, for one am tired of defending myself when people ask why I game, it would be nice to have that female role model or figurehead to point to and reply “That’s why I game!”

The 7 Stages of Pre-Nerfing!

Kitty Nerf 5.2 PTR

  • Druid:
  • Cyclone now has a 30-second cooldown for Feral Druids. In addition, it will now share diminishing returns with Banish, Seduction, Bind Elemental, Hex, Freezing Trap, Wyvern Sting, Gouge, Sap, Hibernate, Paralysis, Polymorph, Ring of Frost, Repentance, and Quaking Palm.

The dev’s are back at the kitties with the claw trimmers and this time they may have cut that little but too short.

The forums are in rage mode right now on the EU side, specifically over this part of the newly released 5.2 PTR notes for Druids, the main thread for this started with ” This is not a QQ but…” but indeed…there are alot of unhappy Druids who are not in favour of the DR (diminishing return) on the spell Cyclone, to be frank I can understand why.

There is no denying that instant Clones were becoming more and more of an issue for other classes, it was entirely possible for a kitty to keep the enemy healer fully CC’d whilst they take out the dps all on their lonesome.  In my opinion, nerfing the instant casts for this was needed, Cyclone is by far the best CC ever and to keep things balanced it needed a do over.  But why the need for diminishing returns?

Certainly in PVE its not regarded as anything major but for alot of my friends who hardcore PVP and Arena every week this nerf forces them to rethink their entire set-up and pre-battle plans.  What annoys me the most however is the comments such as “time to re roll” or “better find a replacement”….every class has nerfs or changes so why the sudden drastic action before you consider alternative suggestions?

It boils down to this…players don’t like change.  It’s just fact, if they find something that works in their favour the last thing they want is someone upsetting that apple-cart.  WoW has evolved enormously over the years so when changes happen in the most unexpected places it results in the most dramatic and often angry responses.  The best place to see this is the forums.

So it comes to this, the 7 stages of Pre-Nerfing (much like the Grief model) that your typical forum Troll will go through:

Step 1: Shock and Denial

The PTR notes are released and suddenly the forum is a-wash with disbelief, shock and outrageous posts of “OMFG” or “WTF” and “ARE YOU SERIOUS”.  Usually at this stage you’ll find thread after thread being posted about the same topic to which the forum troll will religiously read and take the time to comment on, starting an all out war of blaming and hating.

Step 2: Pain and Guilt

After catching their breath the player will then spend time ingame testing and retesting that one spell pre-nerf and wallowing in a depressive state about the coming changes.  This results in a vicious cycle with Step 1, where that depression returns to rage and causes constant F5ing on all threads to keep up to speed with other peoples POV.

Step 3: Anger and Bargaining

The Blame Game! That’s right, its time to look at the other classes and start pointing the finger at those who you just KNOW deserve that nerf far more than your own class.  This may cause further flame wars in other Class forums.  Players still suffering the effects of Step 2 may plead with the dev’s on the forums, praying they actually read all the suggestions to the proposed nerf in the hopes it changes their minds.

Step 4: Depression, Reflection and Loneliness

You’ll find your friends or guildies ingame begin to comment about the upcoming nerfs, they may infact not play your class and tend to have a laugh or a joke about whose getting buffed and whose being hit with the nerf bat.  The forum troll will begin to feel even more depressed about his character and begin second guessing his role in his Arena team, RBG group or Raid.  Inadequacy is hard to overcome at this stage.

Step 5: Upward Turn

Things start to look a little brighter when the player suddenly realises that said nerf was actually a PTR nerf and still in testing phase, they assure themselves it’ll all be fine in the end and won’t reach the live servers.  The forums are full of like-minded people who share the many raging thoughts about the nerfing to said class, so the Troll begins to feel less alone and more understood.

Stage 6: Reconstruction and Working Through

As the feelings of rage and shock finally subside, the forum Troll begins to look for realistic solutions should the worst happen.  Their minds turn to alts and who they have as viable replacements or who they can level up to play “just incase”.

Stage 7: Acceptance and Hope

Its inevitable, whether the changes happen or not, whether you post 1 or 20 threads on the forums…you come to the realisation that you don’t have the power to changs or persuade a class in any manner at all.  The Troll will either cycle through the stages continuously until changes happen or in the end they will accept and move on with the hopes that there are future patches and hotfixes to look forward too.  After all, tomorrow is another Trolling day!

Resto Druid Toolkit: Effectiveness

Effectiveness of the Toolkit

flowers copy

With 5.2 on the horizon and the latest patch notes for the PTR up, I’ve been constantly going over in my head the changes I’d like to see and the things that I’m truly happy with for my Resto Druid. My wish-list at the start of 5.0 was massive to say the least, Cataclysm left a dreadful path of rotten flowers anywhere I went and I felt so de-valued as a healer. Our healing was so ineffective it was laughable and all other healing classes were being swapped in in favour of us. Despite my depression I still refused to give up on my Druid and the 5 years of hard effort and dedication I’ve put into being a better healer.

Now its MOP and 5.1, I’ve had a serious re-think about all my gripes and groans about my healing class and I’m beginning to find some peace with it. There will always be aspects I’d love to see improved or changed but realistically, the Resto Druid is still my favourite for a reason.

This entry in a nutshell, is an overall view of the toolkit for 5.1, it is calculated based on my current gear, progress and logs for 10man MSV and HoF with my guild. I’m writing this down mainly so I can wrap my head around how much use I actually get out of my class and where my weaknesses lie:

I have been testing the use of healing talents as such:

Nature’s Swiftness > Soul of the Forest > Nature’s Vigil

Spells: AOE Effectiveness:

Rejuvenation – Ticks on less but hits more – 28.5% to 31.2%
Rejuvenation is by far still one of our most effective healing spells. Despite its nerfs since WOTLK where Rejuvy blankets were insane, the increased mana cost of this spell does in no way make me forget its value. The Tier 14 bonus of: Rejuvenation mana cost is reduced by 10%, gives me even more reason to prioritise its use. My main weakness here is my overhealing with this spell.
Note to self: must improve.

Wild Growth – Ticks on more but hits for less – 22.1% to 26.8%
I felt downhearted by the nerfs to this spell, it by no means made it easy on the Druid during Cataclysm and I was depressed by this quite a bit. However with 5.1, Soul of the Forest has almost redeemed its use for me. The increased haste buff of 50% on your next spell cast after Swiftmending ensures extra ticks. The easiest fight to see this on is Garalon for me, I can feel the strength behind that extra haste buff and I find it harder not to use this talent despite sticking my nose up at it in favour of Incarnation initially. I’m still working on my effectiveness of using this around my Swiftmend.

Lifebloom – Usefulness limited to heavy tank dmg – 18.6% to 22.5%
It’s always my opener and always on my mind, it’s always in the top 3 of my heals and to be honest I’d be very unhappy if this spell was in anyway changed from its use now. Lifebloom in 5.1 is still as important as ever, lately I’ve been finding myself tank healing quite a bit on encounters due to our setup. I never let this spell bloom unless its a dire situation. The only issue I struggled with initially was switching my Lifebloom between the tanks but once I was more familiar with encounters it’s easier than ever to get the timing right to ensure no healing is lost.

Swiftmend – Burst that is the foundation for my AOE healing – 14.6% to 18.8%
I feel this spell is my greatest weakness at the moment. I regard it as my 2nd most important “OMFG HUGE DAMAGES” button, with Nature’s Swiftness being the first. The issue I have is using it on the right target, although it is mainly easy when applying this to melee groups as they are so closely pact together. There is moments where the ranged people in my group are spread just enough so that I feel like I would waste it if I used it, or I’ve no sooner dropped it to proc my Efflorescence when the group needs to move. As great of a spell as this is, I wish they had kept it separate from Efflorescence, you still see the occasional frightened soul who jumps out of the green AOE in panic mode! I gently remind them that flowers like to give people friendly healing hugs, they don’t bite.

Tranquillity – Combined with NV, burst AOE for heavy periods of dmg – 12.5% to 17.8%
Nature’s Vigil and Tranquillity, the best marriage ever in the history of resto spells! Once these two get it on, I watch those numbers roll and switch into my Italian mode of “Damage? Forget about it!” *wink*. In all seriousness my usage of this spell could be much higher but due to the cycling of cooldowns from all other healers in my raid, I don’t get to use this as often as I’d like too. I’m a happy tree when I do (>^_^)>

Spells: DIRECT Effectiveness:

Regrowth – Without the glyph to keep the periodic effect – 9.5% to 15.5%
My use of this spell without the glyph is purely my own choice, I’m sure many other druids out there may disagree with me however you play to your own style and respect other people’s choices. My main reason for not using the glyph is simple, I want to keep the lingering periodic effect to ensure anymore incoming damage can be negated. Why? It’s not a spell I spam unless I have a clear cast proc, but I do prioritise its use over other direct heals when it comes to focusing on the tanks or group members who need a massive bash of heals to the head. My biggest burst AOE heal is this combined with Nature’s Swiftness.

Nourish – Cheap filler, mana conserver and reduces overhealing – 3.3% to 7.4%
I know a great number of druids out there who dislike the use of this spell. But I like to favour the Glyph of Rejuvenation to reduce its cast time by 30%. Why? With the Tier 14 bonus, Rejuvenation is easier than ever to cast on 3 or more targets without worrying about your mana. When Rejuvy isn’t quite enough to top people off or keep people topped up continuously this cheap little spell does exactly that. Healing Touch still heals for quite a chunk, but heals for more than is needed a lot of the time. Nourish is there for a reason, its to maximise your mana and reduce any unnecessary overhealing.

Healing Touch – Good for medium dmg area’s, specially on tanks – 1.7% to 2.6%
It’s a tank favourite spell of mine, especially when I’m running Will of the Emperor in MSV and I’m assigned to tank healing. Nourish itself isn’t quite strong enough to heal that medium to hard damage, so Healing Touch still has its uses for me. But I very rarely use it otherwise hence its low % on my healing records.

Living Seed – Mainly proc’s on the tanks or assigned targets for direct healing – 3.1% to 4.2%
It’s always low on my list of effective healing, generally I don’t keep track of Living Seed because its such a wild card. It’ll either never proc or when it does, the heal is minimal or overhealed at best.

Mushrooms – So ineffective, but I use it as a filler when I find 3 free GCD’s – 0.4% to 1.1%
Shrooms account for 0.4% to 1.1% of my healing done in my normal 10man runs, this is how much I value their current state of use. Unbuffed they hit for 7k to 12k on average and when I’m fully raid buffed anywhere between 22k to 28k. Numbers do vary. As an additional filler, if I find myself at a loose end I’ll place them and use them. I generally find they are only useful on fights such as; Feng the Accursed, Gar’aj, Wind Lord, Tsulong etc. This is due to the stacking and limited movement of the raid.

The Shroom Mechanic:

size copy

Healing Mushrooms have been the biggest disappointment to Restoration Druid’s since 5.0. As I’ve stated above the numbers are either so low or none existent that the use for these is the last thing a Druid will rely on to heal. Why?

3 Global Cooldowns – to place a mushroom in 3 different spots
Wild Mushroom: Bloom – a detonate button that has a cooldown of 10 sec’s
Healing – the numbers are so low and ineffective that any damage overrides this easily

What is curious is why implement a cooldown for each individual mushroom yet have the detonate button not on a global cooldown?

There are 2 classes which have the use of the mushroom mechanic, one is the Resto Druid as has been discussed but also the Boomkin spec of the Druid. I myself have not played Boomkin in a very long time but I’ve been curious as to how useful the mechanic’s of mushrooms has been for others. After running BG’s, instances and the LFR with several Druid’s and discussing this with friends, Boomkins are also feeling the pains behind mushroom usage. The damage is either too low or the placing of them just takes up too much time. The sentence “Useless, utterly useless at just 5k damage” pretty much summed up some people’s feelings on the subject.

The 2nd class to use the shrooms are the Death Knights, now I’m going to change shrooms to shroom here as there is only one. But the DK’s have the best use of this mechanic over the Resto and Boomy Druid’s. When a Druid gives a DK symbiosis he gains “Wild Mushroom: Plague” to use it he pushes the spell button and it does all the work for him. This Mushroom is usable in all DK specs, and surprisingly the damage and effectiveness is good. It places one shroom on the floor which proceeds to DOT the target in range of it with:

Physical Vulnerability – increased physical damage taken by 4%
Blood Plague – Suffering shadow damage every 3 sec
Frost Fever – Suffering Frost damage every 3 sec

In PVE its value is yet to be determined but in PVP this shroom despite its low hp is “god-like”. Many of my friends who either play a DK or know people that do, are always in search of a Resto Druid for arena not only for the healing but for this ability. Why not give DK’s this ability as an actual spell? As far as healing goes, mushrooms are failing miserably.

It’s been discussed at great length in the Druid forums on the EU side, the state of our healing shrooms. There has been some excellent suggestions on how to improve them and some really bad ones, I’ve been following Ghostcrawler on Twitter for a while now and tweeted a few questions here and there. To my surprise this week he actually tweeted back a response regarding the shrooms which has inspired me with some hope that the Druids have not been forgotten.


So keep your head up fellow Tree’s and look forward to 5.2 and beyond!

Resto’s Rapture

Down in the woods and through the long grass
Where leaves once bloomed and tree’s would a-mass
There sat one tree bent over in gloom
At its roots spread forth some small like shroom…

Lonely and sad its bark would groan
With a woosh of the wind its leaves were thrown
Up went arms in a waving of roots!
The shroom popped open! But bared…no fruits…

As the wind then left there was no sound
Only drifting of leaves, slowly to the ground
With a tear and a cry and its head thrown back
It spoke to the sky all silent and black

“Oh once we were life and we loved dancing!
We touched and we nourished, we were full blooming!”
We grew and we seeded and we gave regrowth
We were once swiftmenders full of spirit and wild growth..

 But with time and with change, and with pastures new
There remains only some just a handful…so few
For with chi and with rain, with hymn and with light
So weak now it seems, our flora in fight…”

As the silence continues, the tree turns away
In forests of life it waits till the day
Till the day when leaves, bloom sky to the floor
When life shall return to the Druid’s once more…


The Many Players of Warcraft

Players of WoW

After years of playing the game you come across all sorts of players in WoW but no matter which realm or guild your in, you always seems to recognise a few.

Which one are you? Can’t find you? Then add your own!

The Leader

He’s that guy or girl that demands respect everytime they log in. You’ll see the suck ups and brown-nosers who don’t usually speak suddenly perk up to say hello to their leader. They are the backbone to your entire guild and probably your raid. Without them your collective guildies would run rampant and be full of loonies.

The Die-hard PvPer

This guy lives and breathes for RBG’s, BG’s and world PVP. If your ever having trouble with the opposite faction this guy will be there in a flash to extract some guild justice or revenge. Every so often you’ll see him spam the guild chat for people to come PVP or cap every week, he probably has forgotten all about the PVE side of the game and counts his conquest daily for that next piece of resi gear. If your short a raider this guy claims he could fill the spot, he’s confident his Gladiator pieces will stand up to any boss as well as they do an opponent on the battlefield.


The Die-hard Raider

The complete opposite to the Die-hard PvPer, this guy has probably never seen the inside of a battleground.  He’s hasn’t missed a raid…ever, he’s the first guy at the raid entrance ready to summon and the first guy lecturing everyone to “hurry up!” in the raid chat. This guildies lives only to raid and is prepared in every single way with every type or buff, food, flask that a guildie could need. Even when a raid isn’t scheduled this guy is talking about raiding or asking guildies to run the LFR weekly, even if he has already done it.

The Attention Seeker

This guildie loves the spot light and has the imagination of a 12 year old, he’s that guy or girl that fills the raid chat up with ridiculous nonsense like “Hey, I just met you and this is crazy…here’s my number call me maybe” or types out ridiculously over the top replies such as “OMFG WTF SRSLY?!” with a caps lock that is permanently broken. Despite this, he’s probably the only one keeping your guild chat alive continuously everyday and gives your other guildies something to talk about. Even if its to tell him “Dude stfu!”

The Female

She’s that rare species of gamer in a forest of male testosterone trying to play the game, more often than not she will either be similar to the Attention Seeker or sweet as the sugar on your Frosties. Every guy logs onto vent or teamspeak just to hear her voice and constantly bombards her with male attention. Some guildies may even claim that girls don’t exist on the internet and that she’s a dude in disguise. She’ll either get on well with other females in the guild or she’ll become the green eyed bitch from hell, jealous of other girls stealing all her male attention.

The Old Schooler

He or she is that player from the time hailed as Vanilla. They have played the game since its creation and have played through every change and transformation that the game has gone through. Every so often they like to remind you of their Veteran status, much like the old timers that have lived through WW1 or WW2. They will probably be that guildie who continues to solo or schedule old school raids every week that have long been forgotten. May or may not be best friends with the Achievement Junkie.

The Achievement Junkie

Your guild chat will be full of achievement spam from this player, this guy lives for his points and is probably proud for holding the highest record in the guild. He is probably the reason why your guild has a good number of perks and is always looking to run with The Old Schooler to fatten that number even more. You’ll find him during slow periods afking with that epic title, on that epic mount, or sporting that epic pet from some insane achievement that only he has.

The Quiet One

Every guild has them, its that collective group of guildies that fills your roster but hardly ever speaks. Every so often you might see a message in the guild chat asking a question about something or other but 9/10 many guildies won’t know who they are or have forgotten that they were there. They can also be your raiders, performing well but choose to remain silent over teamspeak or vent. Perhaps they are the socially awkward kind or simply the casual player who logs into wow to complete his dailies then logs off again.


The Drama Queen

Guy or girl, this guildie is probably good friends with The Attention Seeker or the bitchy female and looks to create drama if there is none. They like to drop that sly comment here and there about someone’s performance or about the guilds lack of leadership or slacking. At times they may throw that hissy fit and decide to raid quit or G quit but you’ll find them asking to be re invited once the tantrum has run its course.

The Altaholic

This guy has every class that the game has to offer, either at max level or maxed out in every profession.. Whatever the role you need for a raid this guy can do it all! You’ll find him jumping alts raiding with every character he has, he spends about 90% of his free time looking to gear up and be raid ready should the need arise. May also be a theory crafter due to the extensive knowledge of having to play each class.

The No-Lifer

This guy eats, breathes and sleeps on WoW, you can find him online in the guild every single day you log on.  He’ll be the first online and the last one to leave. The No-lifer might be a dedicated raider or he may be a quiet soul, always silent but present in the guild.

The Booster

Also known as Mr Generous, this is the guy whose got time to spare and doesn’t mind lifting a hand to help his fellow guildies. Levelling an alt? Struggling with Q times for getting into raids or dungeons? This guy won’t hesitate to jump to your rescue. You may also find him in the General or Trade channel advertising his services for gold or running an old raid with The Old School player and willing to carry a lower level player with him.

The Forever Bored

Almost every guild has a Mr Bored, he’s done absolutely everything the game has to offer and enjoys telling people there is nothing left to do and he’s bored. Despite the fact that WoW has at least 4 expansions worth of content from dailies (not capped anymore) to raids, quests, PVP, pet battles etc. this guy has the opinion that he was done it all and finished a game that is unfinishable. After 20mins of declaring his boredom, he does find something to do eventually or decides to log off and play another game because WoW is just that bad.

The Noob

This player is pretty self explanatory, its that guy in your guild whose too lazy to play the game so has others doing the work for him. He will nag your ear off for boosts, he will continue to ask the simplest of questions despite the fact he could google and have all the answers at his fingertips. He’s the raider that continues to stand in that fiery crap on the floor, convinced it’ll give him some sort of beneficial buff. He’s that ninja puller who run’s before he can walk and pulls the entire trash pack pre-boss or in fact the boss itself. The Noob fails to understand the basic WoW unwritten rules, or simple mechanic’s of how the game works and probably never will. More often than not he will receive the biggest insults and negative feedback for his ignorance or simple ways so will probably never improve because of it.

The Know-It-All

Every guild has at least one of these, he’s that guy who sits in your guild and tells you your doing it all wrong or tells you everything he knows about the game, whilst assuming you don’t. After a raid wipe he’s the one cocky player who states “told you so, but no one listened”. There is probably a reason why no one listens to Mr Know-It-All, he’s the one on your headset that never shuts up and is convinced he knows what to do in every single encounter. He’s that player who may also be The Altoholic and is convinced that your playing your class wrong, he’ll attempt to show you exactly what you should be doing and that your gear and reforges are all wrong.

The Mother Theresa

You would be blessed to have such a person in your guild. This person is loved by everyone and with good reason. They are selfless and help anyone no matter the reason, they give up their spot or create groups specifically to help that one person out whose struggling for an achievement or piece of gear. They are the person who passes on their roll so you can have that last piece of transmog or lets you take that rare pet or mount first. They are the voice of positivity in the raid where your wiping on the boss over and over for the sake of progression, or that voice of reason who remains neutral in any argument, trying to calm people down. If you ever find one of these guildies keep hold of them!

The Guild Jumper

The term “the grass is always greener on the other side” applies to this player, he’s the one that thinks his current guild isn’t quite progressing to his liking and other guilds become more tempting to try out. This player is either never satisfied with what he finds or returns to the guild using his friendly contacts with the higher-ups. Commitment isn’t this players strong suit so you’ll probably find his casually side stepping raids every so often or never often joins in on fun activities or old runs.